How many treatments will I need & how often?

Some clients may notice an immediate relief or reduction in their symptoms following a reflexology treatment, whilst others may require a course of treatments before an improvement is experienced (particularly if it is a chronic long standing ailment).

The benefits of reflexology can be enjoyed as an occasional treatment for pleasure or to maintain good health, or as a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly session to help alleviate symptoms. The frequency of treatments will be discussed with you after your initial treatment and your progress with be monitored at each subsequent treatment. For example, it may be that you require weekly treatments initially and then as your health improves these can be reduced to monthly sessions. On average most clients require between 1 & 8 treatments before they notice an improvement in their symptoms or overall health.

Can anyone have Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural, safe therapy suitable for all ages, but in order to protect both the client and the practitioner there are a few conditions where it is advisable not to treat a client. I will be unable to treat you if you:

  • Are suffering from a high fever
  • Have a contagious infection/disease such as chicken pox
  • Have gangrene
  • Have DVT or phlebitis
  • Are under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol
  • Are in the first trimester of pregnancy (please note this is purely to allow the body to naturally settle into the pregnancy. Reflexology is thought to be very beneficial throughout the later stages of pregnancy).

If you have any other serious medical condition, are about to undertake or have just had surgery, then consent from a medical professional may be required before treatments can commence.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing including loose fitting trousers or skirt as I will need to access your ankles/lower calf muscles during the Reflexology treatment (and up to the knee for Hot Stone Reflexolgy as this includes a calf muscle massage). So no skinny jeans or tight leggings!

Will the treatments be painful?

Overall reflexology is a soothing and relaxing experience, however you may find some areas to be sensitive or tender. This is an indication that there is congestion or an imbalance in the corresponding area of the body and that these reflex points require further attention. I will adjust the pressure until the sensitivity subsides, so as not to cause discomfort.

Will there be any side effects?

After a treatment many people feel extremely calm and relaxed, whilst others feel energised and rejuvenated. In the 24 hours following the treatments some people may experience ‘reactions’ such as feeling thirsty, tired or emotional, but these are generally short-lived and should be seen as a positive sign that your body is responding to the treatments and beginning the self healing process. These symptoms generally pass within 24 hours and can be eased by drinking plenty of water the day before, the day of the treatment and the day after.

What should I do after a treatment?

You will achieve the maximum benefit from your treatments if you follow this simple advice.

For the first hour following a treatment:

  • Avoid having a heavy meal
  • Do not have a hot bath
  • Be careful if you’re driving as your reactions may be slower

For 24 hours following the treatment:

  • Drink plenty of water to aid elimination of toxins
  • Try not to do anything strenuous
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol

What does holistic mean?

The word ‘holistic’ derives from halos, meaning ‘whole’ in Greek. Many complementary therapies use this approach to health. The holistic approach means considering all the factors affecting the person including their diet and lifestyle rather than just physical symptoms. The aim is to achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit giving the person a sense of balance and well-being.

I am pregnant, can I still be treated?

Yes! Reflexology is thought to be very effective at easing pregnancy related conditions and research has showed it can help to shorten labour times. It is however advisable not to receive treatments in the first trimester in order to allow the body to naturally settle into a pregnancy.

I’m on medication, will the treatments affect this?

There is no evidence to suggest that reflexology can expel conventional medicine or interfere with it’s functioning. It is important for me to know about the medication you are on (and this will be discussed during your consultation) as some of your symptoms may be side effects from the medication.

Can I still have a treatment if I have corns, callouses, bunions, verrucas, athelete’s foot or gangrene?

Corns, callouses and bunions can be treated over/around and I will adjust the pressure accordingly or if preferred avoid any sore areas. Verruca’s will need to be covered with a plaster as they are infectious but I can still work on your feet. If you have an infectious condition such as athlete’s foot then I will either work on your hands instead or re-schedule your appointment to after you’re seen your GP and had the condition treated. If you have gangrene then I’m afraid I will be unable to treat you.

How do I know I’m seeing a qualified practitioner?

I trained at the London School of Reflexology with Louise Keet and have a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology. I also completed a Maternity Reflexology course with Suzanne Enzer (the leading expert in the UK) and a Pre-conception, Pregnancy and Post-natal care course with Louise Keet. Please see the ‘About me’ page for more details.

Indian Head Massage

Will I need to remove any clothing?

During the massage, you will remain seated and fully clothed (only jackets, ties, thick jumpers & jewellery need to be removed).

Do you use oil in the hair?

Some therapists use oils but I practice the Western Indian Head Massage which is a dry treatment and no oils are used.

Face The World® Facial

Do I need to remove my make-up beforehand?

If possible, yes. Light make-up can be removed during the cleansing stage of the treatment. Eye make-up can be left on if preferred as I work around the eyes rather than over the eyes and eyelids.

Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes, as I work around the eyes and not over them, you’ll just need to be careful not to touch or rub your eyes for a couple of hours after the treatment whilst the final moisturiser soaks in. I would advise bringing your glasses or spare lenses along to the appointment, just in case you do accidentally rub your eyes.

What should I wear?

As I work around the shoulders and over the décolletage during the treatment, I would advise ladies to wear a strappy vest top – this and bra can be left on and arms removed from the straps so that shoulders are bare. All other clothing can be left on.



"I long for my reflexology appointments each month as it's my time to relax, and wow does it relax me. All my stresses and strains are melted away and I usually fall asleep. I generally have trouble sleeping but once I've had my treatment my sleeping pattern changes for the better. I couldn't recommend Kate enough."

Julie, Westerham

"I have been seeing Kate for reflexology for about 4 years now to help prevent my migraines (and an excuse for some relaxation time). Kate has been able to give me regular and reliable appointments, skilled and lovely reflexology with care in comfortable surroundings"

Michelle, Dunton Green

"Kate is extremely pleasant, professional and caring. I have been visiting Kate for many years for Reflexology and always feel very relaxed during and after the treatment. Any health issues I present with are addressed and I always feel so much better and pain free after a session. Highly recommended!"

Tracey, Hadlow

"I love having reflexology with Kate as it is so relaxing and after the treatments I am much more agile. Kate's choice of music is perfect and I always come home afterwards completely chilled out. I would definitely recommend."

Heather, West Kingsdown

"I am a late convert to Reflexology and was introduced to to Kate by my daughter 3 years ago. I look forward to my appointments. My heart rate begins to fall and I am totally at peace and able to relax. Kate has now added a wonderful facial treatment to her repertoire. This is accompanied by some lovely music and delightful, natural products to leave you feeling rejuvenated. "

Diane, Sevenoaks

"I believe the regular Reflexology treatments from Kate helps to keep my body and mind in check and enables me to deal with the stresses and strains of life and a peri-menopausal body! Thank you Kate for your healing hands!"

Emma, Sevenoaks

"For me the benefits of regular reflexology treatments include a feeling of deep relaxation and calm, like having a full body massage, but just on your feet! Kate is lovely - always professional, caring and patient. She is constantly seeking to develop her skills and range of treatments, all of which benefit her clients. I can thoroughly recommend a visit."

Sarah, Dunton Green

"I have been having Reflexology with Kate for several years now. My stress levels are far more manageable with her help, and I always feel more relaxed and sleep very well after a treatment. She always finds my weak spots - lower back, sinuses and knees and sorts them out - such a relief! Plus I can't remember the last time I had a headache, which is brilliant. I can thoroughly recommend Kate's treatments, indeed I couldn't be without them."

Sandy, Borough Green

"I've been seeing Kate for around 9 years now, mainly for Reflexology. She is knowledgeable, gentle, easy to talk to and takes a holistic approach. The sessions are relaxing, calming and a good nights sleep always follows."

Ann, Brenchley

"If you haven't yet experienced the benefits of Reflexology then please do so, but ensure you are in the hands of an experienced therapist. I have been visiting  Kate for several years now and she is an exponent of this often underestimated practice. Kate also gives the most relaxing Indian Head Massage I've ever had and has now extended her craft by offering holistic facials."

Jennifer, Westerham

"I have been having Reflexology with Kate for some time now and I have found it benefits both my physical injuries and my mental well-being. The treatments are very relaxing and therapeutic and I can strongly recommend this treatment."

Pauline, Seal